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Moxifit, it's a Mind Changer

Lately, all the hype around weight loss speaks about changing your mindset. Is it hype? We think not, and here's why. If you don't spend time changing how you think, you'll never change the thoughts that cause your triggers...and your triggers ultimately lead to your actions and choices.🤯

Moxifit coaches help you learn how to change your mindset, adjust your habits, and work to correct your limiting beliefs. It's so important to do the work while you're losing weight cuz’ let’s face it - once the weight is gone, you feel invincible and quickly revert to old habits! If your only focus is the number on the scale, and you don’t make the necessary lifestyle changes before you know it the weight is back, and you have to start the process all over again. 🤦🏻‍♀️

At Moxifit, we know it's all about forming healthier routines that allow you to feel happier with yourself, and completing this work leads to long-term success. 🥳

If you're excited to learn about yourself, Moxifit is the program for you. Our coaches work through the weight loss process (rebuilding your body), and help as you transition to maintenance mode (restoring and stabilizing your weight loss). Your commitment to your coaching determines the key to stopping the insanity of gaining the weight back. Through coaching sessions after your weight loss, you continue to learn, build, and gather tools focusing on your happiness, health, and overall personal success. 🏆

Remember, how you think triggers how you act, which determines how, what, and why you eat!

Be well,

Susan, CEO of Moxifit

Call Magnolia Spa Wellness & Boutique today, we want to coach you towards your

future of better health and wellness. 318-238-2843

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