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At Magnolia Spa Wellness & Boutique we are grateful for the ability to be a part of a single individual’s day. The service we provide to our client does not stop topically; it goes far deeper. We pride ourselves in providing a safe place where our client can be at their most vulnerable state, away from their day-to-day responsibilities. When they leave their service, the experience they have received provides them with not only a renewed spirit and a revitalized soul but a deep feeling of self-confidence. It is critical they leave with us knowing ‘We were the best part of their day’. 

This speaks to the in-depth meaning of Health & Wellness.


In 2017, we took the the biggest step of our careers and embarked on building the business of our dreams - Magnolia Spa and Wellness on Touline. The name you choose for your business is so important.  It says who your business is in just a few words.  We wanted to incorporate aspects of strength and confidence, combined with softness and compassion.  The Steel Magnolias movie holds so much significance to our beautiful town and all who live here.  The name perfectly describes a strong, southern woman and we wanted to use it to name the business we worked so hard for and love very much.  Our dream of having our very own Truvy's came true on March 24, 2017.  On that day, Magnolia Spa & Wellness opened its doors for business for the very first time.  


We have proudly built our business with the philosophy that we want to be “The Best Part of our Client’s day”, mentoring our staff to provide excellent service through graciousness, integrity and in-depth knowledge of the services provided to them.

Even though 2020 was such an excruciating year for us all, with the love and support of Natchitoches and all of our amazing and loyal clientele, business has continued to grow and prosper. The blessings continue to unfold, as our business has just recently celebrated its 4th anniversary and has grown out of its 800-foot setting! In early 2021, we began the process of making a new home for Magnolia Spa Wellness & Boutique, remaining in the Historic District placing ourselves directly in Natchitoches’ limelight, the infamous Front Street.

Leigh Lambert & Aimee Walker ~ Owners

In July, 2021 we officially opened our doors at 520 Front Street and are thrilled at the freedom to expand and grow our business, providing an even more amazing experience for our clients, as well as supply more opportunities of employment. We look forward to continuing to be a part of the community’s growth not only through local participation, but through travel and tourism as well. 


Our dream of owning our own business and helping to create stability and growth for our much loved community has been just that, a dream come true.  We love Natchitoches and look forward to many years of being an asset and providing top notch services to residents and visitors of our wonderful Natchitoches.  Building a stronger community, one person at a time. 

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