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September Moxifit 'Refer a Friend' Campaign

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Isn't Life Better with a friend by your side? They help you meet your goals, pick you up when you are down, share the best laughs! Why not share your Moxifit way of living with them too! This month Magnolia Spa Wellness & Boutique is offering a special 'Refer a Friend' program to our Moxifit clients. We believe that everyone should benefit from a healthier way of living and what better way to share those benefits than to refer a friend!

Refer a friend, refer several friends, throughout the month of September. The client with the most start-ups from their referrals will receive 21 items of food - that's one (1) week free of Moxifit food! Winner to be notified early October.

Have your friend(s) call us at 318-238-2843 or drop us a comment below. We look forward to sharing a new way of living, a healthier lifestyle with them.

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